Category: Hot Water system Brands

There are many brands of hot water systems in Australia.   The retail consumer and people out side of the hot water industry may not realise that multiple brand names are owned by known multi-national  majors like Rheem, Rinnai and Dux. Which unfortunately are all now foreign owned.

For instance under the Rheem hot water heater ownership is

  • AquaMAX hot water system
  • Vulcan hot water systems
  • Solahart hot water systems
  • Raypak hot water systems

Rheem also previously acquired brands like Edwards Solar and Wolf electric (this was the electric division of Solahart) but they have since been shut down.

Rheem also manufactures the Everhot range for Reece plumbing supplies

Rheem has long been Australia’s number 1 known Australian hot water brand due to a fantastic retail marketing plan and catchy gingle.

Rheem hot water systems are manufactured in various countries,  Australia, Japan and Vietnam, the origin of their hot water systems depends on type and size

Dux previously the number 2 known brand of hot water systems in Australia when it was Australian owned, it is know a Japanese owned company.

Other brands of hot water systems that Dux own are

  • Dux
  • Ecosmart (this was previously a franchised brand, but now is their solar hot water range)
  • Airoheat (this is what Dux call their heat pump hot water system)

Dux also own the brand Radiant which was their marketed cheaper products and directed to the builder new home market

Dux also now manufacture the Thermann hot water system brand for Reece plumbing supply store and the solar tank component for Envirosun’s AS split solar range

Although Dux has had a huge slip in popularity due to the poor performance and trouble of the Airoheat heat pump they do manufacture good hot water systems

Under the Dux hot water brands they manufacture in Australia, Japan and China

Rinnai another Japanese owned hot water company, rapidly growing with their electric hot water range have jumped into the Number 2 hot water system brand in Australia.

Rinnai have recently constructed a manufacturing plant in Melbourne for their electric range

Rinnai have had under their ownership the now shut down Bealsy solar hot water systems and also manufactured some of the also no longer Hills solar hot water systems.

Bosch has supplied Australia with gas hot water heaters for many decades and was for many years the go to gas hot water system brand

Bosch has also had a solar hot water range called Solar wizard, the Bosch compress 3000 heat pump hot water system and for a short time was bringing electric hot water systems into Australia and New Zealand.

Unfortunate Bosch have suspended their hot water operations in Australia until further notice

Envirosun solar hot water systems have both the roof mounted storage tank type (thermosiphon) and ground tank mounted (split) solar hot water heaters. Envirosun is a 100% Australian owned company which is a absolute rarity in the Australian hot water industry.

Envirosun thermosiphon solar systems are called the TS Plus, which is a stainless steel storage tank that is manufactured in Holland and imported to Australia as a bare tank then assembled in Victoria by Wilsons Commercial hot water another Australian owned company of 85+ years

Envirosun split solar hot water systems have their storage tanks manufactured under license in NSW by Dux

Envirosun have great procurement philosophy where the source the best of products worldwide and assemble here in Australia, allowing the best quality and technology to be apart of their solar hot water range.

Envirosun also have a heat pump hot water system called Enviroheat, the Enviroheat hot water system is manufactured for them by the world largest appliance manufacturer, Haier the owners of other brands such as Fisher and Paykel, General Electric, Hoover, Sanyo, Candy and more using their company model of sourcing the best from around the world, not being locked into outdated technology and old manufacturing plants

Stiebel Eltron a German company that manufactures instant electric hot water systems that are under bench kitchen units to 3 phase unit complex system where space is a luxury and where a commercial supply of hot water is required with space restrictions

Stiebel Eltron also have a heat pump hot water system in their range, European made and very popular in Australia.