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Bosch hot water systems, Bosch gas hot water heaters have been apart of the Australian hot water industry for many decades. Bosch also imported a range of solar hot water systems from the late 2000’s to 2016. After the solar hot water rebates where cancelled Bosch discontinued supplying Australia with solar hot water systems due to the down turn in solar hot water sales. Bosch also had a heat pump hot water system in their range, The Bosch Compress 3000, it was proving to be a very reliable and efficient heat pump hot water heater for Bosch.

In mid 2017 Bosch also brought to Australia a range of electric hot water systems that where quite good in quality

Bosch made some bad business decisions in recent years with the new range of Optiflow gas hot water systems, setting up it’s own manufacturing plant in China from the long standing Japanese arrangements. The Bosch Optiflow gas hot water range was disastrous, having a huge failure rate with the computer (PCB) boards stopping the systems from running.

Bosch did not go to a recall of this hot water heater range, but they did automatically change every PCB board under warranty when a consumer called up a warranty issue.  The removed sales for this product for nearly a year until they had the problem resolved.  When Bosch brought the Optiflow gas hot water system back to Australia the damage was done to their name and the market share lost was never recovered

Bosch decided in 2019 to remove all it’s hot water assets from Australia and New Zealand until further notice, a shame after supplying Australia for so long with gas hot water systems, except the Bosch hydro model that they never changed or tried to improve. It was kept the same as its been for 20 years that works well and had no need to advance with silly options like bluetooth and other technology that is not needed in giving you hot water

So this puts the supply and availability of Bosch hot water systems into the limited and restricted category.

Bosch hot water system spare parts are still available¬† and we have access to them, we can supply you with Bosch hot water system spare parts for –

Bosch 12h and Bosch 16h gas hot water systems

Bosch 21e and 26e gas hot water systems

Bosch Optiflow gas hot water systems

Bosch solar hot water systems , known as Bosch Solar Wizard solar hot water system

Bosch Heat pump hot water systems, known as the Bosch Compress 3000

Bosch electric hot water systems

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