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Envirosun is one of the very few Australian owned hot water brands that manufacture and assemble their hot water systems in Australia.
Envirosun is still a family owned company that prides itself on quality and integrity in its hot water heater operations
Envirosun source the latest technology and quality products from around the world and assemble in Australia to the highest level of quality control.
European and Australian made solar hot water storage tanks make up the Envirosun TS Plus and Envirosun As split solar hot water system range.
The Envirosun TS Plus roof mounted solar hot water systems storage tank is manufactured from 444 stainless steel in Holland and assembled in Melbourne
The Envirosun AS split solar ground mounted tank is manufactured in the Southern Highlands of NSW.
Envirosun a Western Australian company, owned and operated by the Energie Group has evolved into the 4th most recognised name in the Australian solar hot water market. The owners of Envirosun was one of the integrale parts of the Solahart brand through the early 1970s through to late 1990’s when Solahart was purchased by Rheem.
Australian owned and the majority of their systems manufactured and assemble here in Australia make them a very popular choice especially with the recent times and what the unpredictable events that 2020 did to the world
Envirosun also have a heat pump hot water system under their banner called the Enviroheat. Enviroheat has taken off in Australia and New Zealand as a affordable, efficient and very reliable performer in the air sourced air solar hot water market.

Envirosun also have the upgraded heat pump called the Envirosun HP Plus with extended warranties and all valves from the Australian valve group (AVG)

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