Australian Valve Group Quickie Kit Base Model


Save time and money with this Quick installation kit. Everything needed to plumb a hot water system quickly.

Australian Valve Group Quickie Kit Base Model

Designed to save time but with your qualified installer in mind, the Australian Valve Group’s Quickie Kit is one of the most comprehensive and versatile kits for hot water system within the Australian and New Zealand markets.

There is a Quickie Kit to suit electric hot water systems, gas hot water systems, solar hot water systems and heat pumps that can save your installer valuable time and hence, will save you money!

Please note: Different states and councils within Australian have varying installation requirements but each Quickie Kit can be modified to suit and meet all regulations across Australia.


This product includes everything needed to correctly install onto your storage system. Typical quick kit parts include:

  • 1x Hot water outlet
    • 1x set of hot water outlet glove halves
  • 1x tempering valve
    • 1x set of tempering valve glove halves
  • 1x Quickie 4way
    • 1x set of Quickie 4way glove halves
  • 2x Fibre washers
  • 1x Stop tap non return
    • 1x set of Stop tap non return glove halves
  • 1x expansion control
    • 2x sets of expansion control glove halves
  • 1x Optional plug,
  • Pressure and temperature release drain fitting
  • 17x cable ties

Size and Dimensions
Size: 15mm