Everhot 400 Litre 3.6kw Electric Hot Water System 291400R7


Title: Everhot 400 Litre 3.6kw Electric Hot Water System 291400R7 | Hot Water Supplies

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Everhot 400 Litre 3.6kw Electric Hot Water System

The Everhot 400 litre hot water system is available with either a single or twin element to suit your hot water heating needs. The element/s kick into action when the thermostat realises water temperature has dropped and initiates power into the system to begin the heating process. Once the ideal temperature is met, the power to the system is automatically switched off. There is also a safety cut off feature if the controlling thermostat fails to initiate once water has reach the ideal temperature. The system has a manual reset to restart the system. 

This hot water system offers a remarkably simple like for like replacement and has dual handed inlet and outlet fitting to assist with the installation process. The system is designed to manage the harshest of Australia weather so can be installed inside or out. The vitreous enamel lining also serves to protect and maintain the cylinder and it is backed by a 10-year warranty.

The ECO contacts open between 80ºC and 88ºC. The 400 Litre system also allows you to save money as it is most suited to off peak tariff connection.

The Everhot brand is manufactured by Rheem so you can rest assured you are purchasing quality at an affordable price.

Product Data

Title: Everhot 400 Litre 3.6kw Electric Hot Water System 291400R7

Short Description
With its huge 400 litre capacity, this Everhot electric hot water system will have you enjoying hot showers for hours.


  • 10 Year Cylinder Warranty
  • 1 Year Spare Parts and Labour

Number of Elements: Single element

Tank Material: Vitreous enamel

Technical Information
Element Size: 3.6 kW
Hot Water Delivery: 400 litre
Maximum Supply Pressure – with ECV: 680 kPa
Maximum Supply Pressure – without ECV: 800 kPa
Relief Valve Setting: 1000 kPa
System Connections: Dual Handed
Water Connections: Rp3/4″ (20mm)

Size and Dimensions
Height: 1840 mm
Diameter: 690 mm
Weight (Dry): 118 kg